Reiki Attunements and Training can be offered as a correspondence course and in your home town

Courses offered

  • Usui Reiki
  • Crystal Reiki
  • Kundalini Reiki
  • Sekhem Reiki
  • Advance Reiki Levels I & II

All courses come complete with a comprehensive Reiki Manual and meditation CDs including Hatsu Rei Ho and Reiju.

I never teach more than four students at a time giving you a personal and individual course.


Evenings 8:00 p.m until finish, Saturday or Sundays 11:30 till 3:30/4:30
@ Maltby. Rotherham.

Refreshments are provided free of charge, please bring own lunch


Reiki Degree I ~ £95:00
Reiki Degree II ~ £110:00
Crystal Reiki Degree I  & II ~ £100:00
Kundalini Reiki ~  Level I & II £60:00
Voilet Flame Master Attunement ~ £50:00
Reiki Masters ~ £300:00
Reiki Teachers ~ £300:00
Take both Masters and Teachers together for £450

Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding training or to make an appointment


Courses must be pre- booked at least 2 – 4 weeks before the training date with a 25% deposit, if circumstances dictate that you are unable to attend through illness or a family emergency, your deposit can be moved to another training date within a period of six months. Alternatively, inquire if there are places left on the nearest date. The full amount of the course must be paid 3 weeks before start of course if paying by cheque.


where you can pay by paypal or contact me for address to send a cheque to.

Namaste Wendy/Rotherham Reiki

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