Workshops for 2011


  • Beginners Mediumship Workshop ~ £45.00
  • Intermediate Mediumship Workshop ~ £45.00
  • Tarot Workshop ~ £45.00
  • Angel Workshop ~ £45.00


Further Meditation and Visualisation CD’s are available  to purchase on the courses


There will be free 1-2-1 mentoring for each student if required


All workshops must be pre booked along with a deposit


There will also be a remote viewing, crystal workshop

and channelling your guide at a later date, again please

state your interest these workshop will be £45:00


Courses are held in Maltby Rotherham


Alternatively, these one-day courses can be held in your

local community if you have six or more people to attend

these courses. Dates and times can be arranged to suit.


Working for Spirit is a commitment not only to spirit but

also to yourself and the group that you are in.


You will be given visualisations /mediations to perform which will enhance your connection to spirit in a safeand structured way. Do not be alarmed if you cannot meditate, it really is not that hard, and there are no lotus  sitting positions where you tie yourself in knots. I have prepared audio CD’s that make things simpler.

 Love & Light


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