Spirit Adventures

I will be blogging over the next few weeks my ‘Spirit Adventures’, so if you want to keep up press ‘Follow blog via email’ I would also love to hear from you if you have had similar experiences.

From the beginning…

When I reached 11 or so, I had what I believe to be my first spiritual encounter., I was going to get in bed but could not do no more than curl up as there was a blockage, which was a huge snake-skin.,I felt as though I had shredded a skin and it that was what was in the way, after a few uncomfortable moments I cried and went to sleep with my parents.

Moving on a few months a friend who was a little world wiser than I was said we should play a game. so myself, Pauline, Jessica and Cheryl and my younger brother Mark So we went to her garden and laid Mark on the wall, we all put two fingers under him and after a few moments he started to lift into the air …very surprising, we did not know what was happening and thought of it as a giggle.

A few months later in Jessica’s house, we decided to play the ouji board, after a few minutes the glass started moving and Jess’s older brother was convinced one of us was pushing it and he started laughing. The next thing we heard was a large bang, the curtains where almost vertical and the house temperature dropped, the glass went into a frenzy and smashed, we all ran out of the house screaming.

Skegness seafront and Pier

Skegness seafront and Pier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A year or so later we were all in a caravan in Skegness, when I just knew that someone close to us was going to lose someone, I told my friends this and they laughed, when we got back home, Jess younger brother had gone. His real mother Jess mothers sister came and took him back with her from the only home and family he had known it was heartbreaking.

From that moment on I used to get feelings when things were not right or if someone is danger, If someone had a headache I felt it, if they were unhappy I felt it and that’s how it was for many years. Looking back it made me a little aloof with people as if I got too close to them either by standing or sitting close I would pick the odd little bits of things up, By the time I left school these feelings had gone, but I was still wary of people and places.

Moving on a few years, my ex boyfriend used to call me a witch in an affectionate way, when I asked him why he said I just feel as though you are one, still naive I only thought that witches where in fairy tales so I was a little put out at times. Then one evening I told him to be careful coming out of work and he had to look both ways, as if he did not he and his van would end up under the bridge and he could be killed, he replied see I told you, you are a witch…. the next night when he came home he told me he came to entrance at work and stopped dead he remembered what I had said and as the thought was in his head a huge HGV came hurtling down the road at high-speed, had he continued and not stopped, the HGV would have smashed into him and more than likely killed him. This was very unsettling for me.

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