Update on Nun and Ley Line

I have lived in my home for 24 years, when I first moved in there was crosses on most windows which I thought was strange, but at the time I thought nothing of it, I knew that I would be only in the house for 5 years?.

Over the years, we would have runs of extremely bad luck but hey, that is life. So moving on 15 years when I started to get interested in Spiritual matters. I knew for some reason it was not safe for me to meditate at home and things slowly started to get worse as my interest in new age, healing and mediumship developed.

I had regularly saw a nun on and off for many years but always kept my distance from her. A few mediumship friends had told me that I had a nun around me, so for me this was confirmation, however instinct told me she was one spirit to keep at arm’s length.

In 2008/9, we started re modelling the top of our garden and boy did things get worse. Most of my grass died as did all my plants in the garden we had a great deal of stress, illness and hardship, my house was constantly full of spirit and outside there was even more ( theses where the ones that could not gain access to my home for various reasons).

The reason I believe this came to head was the remodelling of the garden, in which we disturbed something and or the fact that I now regularly sat in peace at the top of the garden and I became more attuned to what was happening.

A friend Jane Hunting cleared in one swoop over 60+ spirit that where outside my home, this was scary, So now I had to take action so…..

After a few ‘Sunday Bus Services’, I then clearly saw the white nun, she was vindictive and hateful, and she claimed that she would ruin me and the ‘run’ was hers and she was the keeper of it.

Another Friend Liz Bradshaw investigated my property and found that there was a ley-line running through my property. She had traced the ley-line more or less to its main ley-line, for which I have lost the information as I have changed computers.

It seems the ‘nun’ and other spirits used the ley-line to travel, the nun had for many years been collecting ‘dark spirits’ the ones that were lost and afraid for her own use and to keep her own energy topped up. It appeared that because of her tryst and that, she was murdered and she did not go to the light/crossed over. She also had a very hateful and dark energy with her who in turn had been using her to attract other spirits. The dark energy it seems was the monk who abused her.

It seems that a either there was point on my property which was like a ‘bus stop’ or could it be that my energy caused a ripple or disruption which the nun/monk did not like?

So after a good few months I managed to clear the monk/nun and a few weeks later I saw her again, however she was smiling and her energy was different, she was peaceful and loving.

She told me that the reason I did not move from my home after 5 years was that the energy in the ley-line was holding me there. Moreover, that now that she had been released I was now a sort of keeper of the line, and that I should clear the spirit’s that travelled the line, ‘hence the Sunday Spirit Bus Service.

A few weeks ago, I had this confirmed by Peter Solomon – Ghost Hunter and writer for Fate  and Fortune………


  1. Had to repost as something happened to the first post as it turned into a link?. I would welcome your comments on ley lies


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