My Power Animal – Shaman

I visited my Shaman, and he gave me my power animal which is an Andean Condor. I feel very honoured.

Here are a few facts in realtion to the Andean Condor:-

Condor Medicine:
High visions
soulful perspective
Sensitive leadership
Love of Mother Earth
Death and Rebirth cycles
Reasoning creativity, inspiring teacher

To the native people of the Peruvian Andes, Condor is the thunderbird of the heavens.

The Condor is impressive, and he has the largest wingspan of any bird of prey.
Condor spends his life soaring high above the tallest mountain peaks in the Andes, and in North America. Condor is a symbol of nature’s balance, predator vs. prey, perspectives ever changing.

He is an ongoing symbol of the simple life, and of time standing in motion.

Condor totem represents a burning desire to see different points of view. Perhaps argumentative at first, watchers soon see the reasoning creator and the sensitive leader within his/her spirit.

Condor energy guides you to unexpected new heights of awareness. Perspectives change, and you start to see life on a bigger, grander scale, one that you never thought was ever possible to see with your own eyes.

Condor people can see beyond their own earthly rules or limitations and reach the “peak” or high mountain strength necessary for your own life enrichment. Many long, solitary hours are spent in meditation, deep soul-urge driven thoughts, and writings.

Condor people are creators…reasoning creators in that at times are uneasy, or unsure of their own powers. Condor medicine people are quick thinkers, and wise leaders. The sensitive leadership qualities they own may lead them to help others, take them “under your wings’ so to speak. The potential for learning is very high, and the flight of the condor is always changing and going though cycles of transformation…death, birth, and rebirth. Letting go of the old, and bringing in the new. Condor people need intellectual stimulation, and crave discussions based on differing perspectives.

The ultimate symbol of strength and healing lies within all of us, as long as we nurture it and feed its spirit. We can do anything, and must always return to nature to refresh and change perspectives. Follow nature’s cycles, as a life lesson in that change is the only constant. We are never along if we are at home within ourselves. Condor has taught me this.

Medicine wheel

The medicine wheel is a personal transformation and a guidance to re-establish our personal and universal soul and it is part of the education to become a Paqo.

You go one way round a medicine wheel where you work in four directions, south, west, north and east. For each direction, you have a power animal which can be explained as an archetype and you use the energies from this power animal around the wheel. The archetypes help us to connect with the nature.

The four scared directions, each having their own meaning and animal, with which to work with.


Here you work with the energies of a serpent and you shed your past as the serpent shed its skin. The energies of a serpent stand for knowledge, sexuality, vital force and healing. The serpent has always represented the healing power of the nature and the original connection with the feminine energies. The serpent lives on and under the earth. It also lives in the water and water is cleansing and transformation to let go of all heavy energies.


Here you work with the energies of a Puma/Jaguar, the peaceful warrior that have no enemies. The energies of a Puma/Jaguar is associated with death and renewal. What lives in the rainforest change and renew, what is not change and renew disappears. The old must die so the new can be born. The Puma/Jaguar is a spiritual cleansing helper and transforms strong and heavy energies into light.

The Puma/Jaguar teaches you to use your power and meet your fears without fears. Fears is a big, maybe our biggest enemy.


North is the way of the Hummingbird. You can use the energies of a Hummingbird to embark on the epic journey. The energies of the Hummingbird give you the courage and guidance to be able to start and succeed with this journey. The epic journey takes you back to your source. The Hummingbird knows where to find the well of knowledge and the sweetness in life. It teaches you to find and to live with what is good for you and to have understanding for other people.


In the east you find the Condor who stands for vision. The energies of a Condor help you to find a clarity vision in your life. When you pray it is the Condor who takes your prayers up to the spiritual world and comes back with the answers to you. With the eyes of a Condor you see with your heart and with the wings of a Condor you see life in a bigger perspective.

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  1. Thank you Wendy for this post. I am blessed to have come across it. Condor entered my life in a dream just over a year ago. I have since undergone many changes and keep revisiting the calling and purpose of my life. Coming across this is an affirmation that condor’s medicine is indeed still active in my life and inspires me to keep going on my current path. Namaste.

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