Spirit Adventures with Wendy Blease



Being a Reiki Master/Teacher for quite a few years now, I love to teach Reiki and Spiritual healing.

I am always in awe regarding my students and the energy and sometimes a new lease of life Reiki brings to them. This I believe is my life path.

I have yet to find my niche in mediumship, although I do provide workshops and courses, I will readily admit to being a better teacher than a medium.

You will find that most of my blogs are related to spirit, this is because they keep happening and I need to express them…..

Along with Reiki I am also qualified in other holistic therapies.


 Usui, Crystal,  Kundalini &, Sekhem  Reiki Master/Instructor

Spiritual Healer and Teacher

‘Melody Certified Practitioner’ Level II.

Qualified Holistic Therapist in:-

Indian & Tibetan Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling.

I am very intuitive in the way I work not only with my courses and readings but also with my students.

I welcome your postive comments on my pages, if you wish to follow my blogs  press the ‘Follow’ button


  1. Great Blogs you have here Wendy…Bless you 🙂

    • Thank you Jane, I do blog my meetings with spirit maybe one day I will put them into a book…

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